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Edgar Belleau said customer satisfaction has been and always will be the number one priority at INSTACABLE. In our relentless pursuit of excellence in product quality, INSTACABLE now offers its own brand name of superior telecommunication products called ITC Direct.

We, all of the employees here at INSTACABLE, belive that this excellence does not come from pass success, but from our future endeavors. Therefore, it is our goal to transform our past performances into an even better tomorrow for our clients. Here is our emphasis. Follow us on social media

Edgar Belleau, President

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DVI Products

The Digital Visual Interface (DVI)


The Digital Visual Interface (DVI) provides a high-speed digital connection for visual data types that are display technology independent. The interface is primarily focused at providing a connection between computer and its display device. The DVI specification meets the needs of all segments of the PC industry (workstation, desktop, laptop, etc.) and will enable these different segments to unite around

Features and Benefits

Content remain in the loss-less digital domain from creation to consumption
Higher than VGA bandwidths
Plug & Play through hot plug detection, EDID and DDC
Digital and Analog support in a single connector

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