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Edgar Belleau said customer satisfaction has been and always will be the number one priority at INSTACABLE. In our relentless pursuit of excellence in product quality, INSTACABLE now offers its own brand name of superior telecommunication products called ITC Direct.

We, all of the employees here at INSTACABLE, belive that this excellence does not come from pass success, but from our future endeavors. Therefore, it is our goal to transform our past performances into an even better tomorrow for our clients. Here is our emphasis. Follow us on social media

Edgar Belleau, President

Site news
HDMI 4k over fiber optic AOC up to 300ft
Date added: 11 Sep 2018

New Arrival of HDMI cable over fiber optic 4k 2.0 35ft up to 300ft without interference

Date added: 13 Oct 2011

New Product Arrival !


USB 3.0 Active  Repeater cable
10 feet (3 meters)


Increase cable distance between
host systems and dowstream USB



  • USB 3.0 Super Speed at 5Gbps transfer rate
  • Active USB solution to assure signal quality and reliability
  • Driver free, support Windows XP, Vista and 7
  • Daisy chain multiple cables for longer USB signal extension

Order today your USB 3.0 Super Speed cable

Samsung Techwin CCTV
Date added: 18 Feb 2011

NEW  Online 2011 Samsung Products Catalog


Since entering the aircraft engine and film camera businesses in 1977, Samsung Techwin has been a driving force in the development of Samsung¡¯s precision machinery, image and optical businesses. With its own proprietary technology and product lines, Samsung Techwin is at the forefront of Samsung¡¯s digital accomplishments and rapidly becoming a world-class brand as Samsung¡¯s premiere security technology company.

For several years, Samsung Techwin was marketed in the USA by a distributor under the name of Samsung 360. This has now changed as Samsung Techwin takes full charge of its own sales, marketing, customer service and technical support in Americas under Samsung Techwin America. In response to the need for top caliber service and support, Samsung Techwin America¡¯s new management team brings a wealth of experience and is redefining what you¡¯d expect in a digital video security partner.


Based on 30 years of experience in optical and imaging technologies, Samsung Techwin has developed and released a wide range of advanced video security equipment including cameras and DVRs which utilize advanced digital signal processing ICs that are exclusive to these products. Samsung Techwin is committed to acquiring the world¡¯s best technology and expanding its product portfolio. Engaged in a government R&D project - ¡°The Development of Intelligent Surveillance and Guard Robots¡± - Samsung Techwin has actively participated in industry-wide innovation and unmanned projects. The company plans to become a world leader in video security equipment and imaging applications by pioneering various potential image analysis applications derived from both its fundamental and applied technologies in high-performance cameras and robots. Samsung is the world¡¯s 11th largest company.

Mini-USB to Serial Adapter
Date added: 14 Feb 2011

Mini-USB to Serial Adapter Legacy Series

Instacable # AP110B

mini usb b to serial

The AP110B is you solution for bridging any host device with USB Mini-B Interface to terminal equipement with RS-232 interface.


  • Bus powered (no external power required)
  • Up to 500Kps data transfer rate
  • Work great with mobile devices
  • Compatible with Windows 7 and Mac 10.X
Wanna watch your Smart Phone's or Digital Camera's contents on widescreen HDTV
Date added: 22 Oct 2010

The HDMI ro HDMI Micro D cable is the right solution to satisfy your needs!!!

Micro HDMI HD cable (with Ethernet) allows you to connect the Smart' Phone's and Digital Camera's HDMI output port directly to your HDMI port capable HDTV or computer monitor to streaming video, pictures, music and downloaded content directly from the Smart Phones or Digital Cameras to share with friends and families!

Connect smart Phones, digital cameras and other portable devices that have a Micro HDMI (Type D) input to your HDTV with Instacable Micro HDMI (HDMI D Type) to HDMI cable.

The micro HDMI to HDMI cable packs all the feature of HDMI 1.4 (Ethernet.3D,etc.) into a smaller form factor, bringing true 1080p video signals from your portable device to your big sctreen HDTV.

  • For connecting smart phones, pocket cameras, and other portable devices to your HDTV
  • Micro HDMI (HDMI D Type) to HDMI cable
  • Length 6 feet
  • All new feature of HDMI 1.4 are supported
 Example of HDMI to HDMI Type D cable can be use with: 

Smart Phones

Motorola MB810 Droid X
Sony Ericsson Xperia XTX1
Sony Ericsson XTX1 Pro
Acer Liquid Stream

Digital Cameras

Fuji FinePix F80EXR
Olympus Stylus 9010 /MJU 9010
Samsung ES70
Samsung EX1
Samsung ST5500
Samsung ST5000
Samsung TL350
Samsung WD650

New USB extender cables 12 meter (40ft)
Date added: 03 Sep 2010

Instacable as an exclusive first announcement of our NEW 12-meter USB Active Repeater Cable, available for 2011. More detail to come, please express interest to receive more info.

HDMI Version 1.4 Cables
Date added: 27 Aug 2009


  • HDMI Ethernet Channel : Adds high speed networking to a HDMI link, allowing users to take full advantage of their IP, enable devices without a separate Ethernet cable.
  • Audio Return Channel : Allows an HDMI connected TV with a built in tuner to send audio data ``upstream`` to a surround audio systems, eliminating the need for a separate audio cable.
  • 3D Over HDMI : Define input output protocol for major 3D video formats, paving the way for true3D gaming and 3D home theater application.
  • 4K x 2K Video Support : Enable video resolutions far beyond 1080p, supporting next generations displays that will rival the Digital  Cinema systems used in many commercial movie theater.
  • Additional Color Spaces : Adds support for additional color models used in Digital Photography and Computer Graphics.